Design Corps

COMD 361


Design Corps encourages and promotes the relationship between design practice and design education. The Design Corps mission is to provide non-profit organizations with quality design services, while exposing Communications Design students to professional experience and the rewards of using their skills in the service of a good cause. The students operate as a design firm under the direction of experienced design faculty. They present design options, provide finished files and monitor production of final designed pieces. A Design Corps student should demonstrate personal and professional behaviors that contribute to employability and post-secondary educational success; work individually and corroboratively to manage and complete projects; research, plan, design, and complete projects to meet client needs in a timely manner; communicate effectively with diverse audiences through oral presentations, written texts, and graphic media; demonstrate technical proficiency in select current and emerging technologies. Note: Since this class is intended to simulate a design studio environment, students enrolled in this class should expect a considerable degree of interaction with clients, instructors and classmates-through meetings, e-mails and phone calls outside of scheduled class hours.Interested students will be asked to submit work samples so that the instructors might gauge individual and collective skill sets for that semester.


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