Freelancing & Business

COMD 451


Whether working independently for many clients, or employed by a single corporation, a thorough foundation in business knowledge and practices in the visual and communication arts fields has become essential for all illustrators, graphic designers, advertising art directors, digital artists and photographers, as well as fine artists. In the current economic climate, it is important to enter the field with business skills that will facilitate strong client relationships, as well as allowing a novice to enter the professional arena with the ability to write business communications and present projects to clients and co-workers in an articulate and confident manner; as well as understanding the proper way to conduct themselves as professionals. In addition to those skills, identifying a market, self-promotion, preparation of a résumé, proposals, contracts, and copyright and negotiation are also part of the curriculum. Social media and the Internet continue to evolve as important components of any successful business. The course curriculum includes exploration and discussion of those topics as well.


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