An Independent Publishing Primer

COMD 457


This class introduces students to the world of contemporary independent publishing, focusing particularly on the various ways an artist, designer or illustrator might use the short run, self published book format to explore ideas and work corroboratively with other artists. Students are shown how self publishing can be utilized as an effective tool to disseminate ideas. The course aims to develop a balance between formal book making and authorship. Students are introduced to the work of a range of contemporary independent publishers and through a series of short, concise assignments develop a range of book making skills including binding, page layout, paper selection and folding, pre-production and print production. At the same time students are required to develop their own ideas through research and conceptualization which they then employ as content for their books. At the beginning of each session students also review the work of a range of contemporary independent publishers and present and discuss printed material that they find interesting. During the semester they undertake field trips to Printed Matter and Zenith Press in Manhattan. The class culminates with the production a twenty eight page book in an edition of fifteen which the students share with their peers. Each class member ends the semester with a box set collecting together all the final books produced in the class. Having completed the first semester students have the option of repeating the course in the following semester and undertaking one extended project culminating in the production and distribution of a book in an edition of 50.


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