Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith

Visiting Instructor

Alex has twenty years of experience working on design projects, ranging from branding and animation to data visualization and interface design. Alex started his career at Razorfish at the beginning of the first web boom. Since then, he has worked with clients ranging from software startups to major television networks to international educational institutions.

Alex is active in research on design. This research explores topics such as the use of ideal types and patterns as tools for understanding the structure of design problems and computational design and digital fabrication techniques as methods for developing new, hitherto impossible forms. 

Alex is a visiting instructor at the Pratt Institute, where he has developed course work aimed at helping students to uncover their own theories of design and to develop strategies for the application of those theories beyond the traditional boundaries of the field. 

Alex lives in downtown Manhattan with his wife, artist Mary Blakemore.

Alexander teaches Graphic Design Senior Project and Thinking Design.

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