Andy Currie

Andy Currie

Visiting Instructor

Andy Currie is a freelance writer and creative director working primarily in advertising, with occasional diversions into making the types of things that get your hands calloused and dirty. His work has won at Cannes, D&AD, The One Show, the Clios, and even captured a Golden Drum - an award he neither submitted work for nor knew he won until receiving a fancy watch along with an esoteric letter written in Polish. More importantly, he’s been fortunate enough to befriend and work with a wonderfully odd and talented assortment of creative people for the majority of his career. Despite constantly preaching the value of simplicity, brevity, and outrageous creativity in advertising, he isn’t convinced that any person can be summed up in a paragraph.

Andy teaches Advertising Senior Project and Writing the Idea.

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Andy CurrieAndy CurrieAndy CurrieAndy Currie


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