Anthony  Williams

Anthony Williams

Adjunct Associate Professor

Anthony Williams has over 24
years of experience in identity
and communication design. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, from 1989 to 1991 he honed his skills at Chermayeff & Geismar Associates. There, he was principal designer on signage projects that included the JFK International Airport 2000 Redevelopment Program, the Times Square Redevelopment Project
and the Tempozan Marketplace in
Osaka, Japan.

As a senior designer he also worked on the identity standards for Harper Collins and Merck Pharmaceutical.  He then launched Williams & Short Associates, where he developed numerous projects, such as a new logotype and comprehensive usage standards for The Switzer Group, Inc. an award-winning interior design firm, and design of a marketable graphic symbol and accompanying graphic standards for the Babies and Children's Hospital of New York.

Another notable identity project was research and development of both the name and corporate brand for Orissa, Inc. an expanding company specializing in custom computer networking and applications software development. Later, at the helm of The Williams Group he produced advertising and collateral material for a wide range of clients such as Price Waterhouse Corporate Recover Group and Lifetime Television Studios. Anthony is currently the Creative Director of Zko, LLC. and an Associate Professor at Pratt Institute.

Anthony teaches Typography III and Typography IV.

Anthony  WilliamsAnthony  WilliamsAnthony  WilliamsAnthony  Williams


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