Floyd Hughes

Floyd Hughes

Adjunct Associate Professor CCE

Born in the Twilight Zone (London's East End) to Guyanese parents in 1962, Floyd's career as a comic book artist, special effects technician, and film and television storyboard /production illustrator, on such films as 'Highlander' and 'Hellraiser' (and his Sweetheart), led to moving to New York in 1988.

He continued to work for British comic publishers, and American, such as Marvel, DC, Image and Heavy Metal. Over the last decade, he has produced graphic novels, designed for MTV's 'Celebrity Death Match'and 'Downtown' and produced storyboards for Arm & Hammer, T-Mobile, Burger King, The NBA, MSNBC and R. Kelly. He produced CD art for rock icons AC/DC and for movies including 'Anti-Trust', 'I Am Legend', and is serving as 'Visual Consultant' for the Spike Lee movie 'Nagasaki Deadline' in production for James Cameron's Alcon Entertainment.  Floyd is a published writer, and has exhibited his fine art paintings in several galleries. 

Floyd teaches Illustration Methods & Media I, Illustration Methods & Media II, Illustration Senior Project, Sequential Art & Graphic Novel, Visual Communication I and Visual Communication II.

Floyd HughesFloyd HughesFloyd HughesFloyd Hughes


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