Frank Derose

Frank Derose

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Good day. Your eyes are right now absorbing letterforms I've arranged using a system heretofore agreed upon that I might relay information to you regarding personal history and professional experience. Therefore: 

Frank DeRose was built in Queens, NY (Douglaston specifically, but you've never heard of there). Eventually he was decamped to Saratoga Springs, NY wherein he received an English degree from Skidmore College. Upon completion of said task he returned home; several uninspiring "design" jobs led him to the Pratt Institute where he earned a degree in Communication Design. This led to work in "better" studio's until he landed at karlssonwilker and was happy. 

Eventually, though, all good things end; it was time to strike out alone. Hence - Zut Alors! So far the young studio has worked with (for instance) the Times, Microsoft and Christie's. They've also won their first award which they were surprised to learn (in fact) changes nothing.

Frank teaches Senior Project Process & Direction, Typography I, Typography II, Visual Communication I and Visual Communication II.

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Frank DeroseFrank DeroseFrank DeroseFrank Derose


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