Joel Tretin

Joel Tretin

Visiting Assistant Professor

I'm a former stand-up comedian, a copywriter by trade, and an amateur developer. An unlikely combination, but hey that's life. During my career I've worked on a full range of clients including: Microsoft, IBM, HP, Citibank, Chase, Panasonic, Samsung, and Xerox, Pfizer Drugs, Wyeth, General Foods, Wonderbread, and Twinkies. Over the past 10 years I've specialized in the interactive channel. I'm a certified Flash Actionscript Developer, plus, I've taken numerous courses in IA, User Experience and Heuristics. I'm also a student of computer gaming and viral marketing. I've worked for numerous interactive agencies, some with strange names like Wavelink 21 (what were they thinking?) Modem Media, Wunderman Interactive, and now Ogilvy. Currently, I am a Group Creative Director handling MetLife, Mount Gay Rum and International Hotel Group.

Joel teaches Advertising Senior Project and Web Design I.

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Joel TretinJoel TretinJoel TretinJoel Tretin


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