Kathleen Creighton

Kathleen Creighton


Kathleen Creighton studied Photography and Graphic Design at Pratt Institute. She has worked professionally producing work for the editorial, publishing and entertainment markets as well as exhibiting her work. Chair of the Communications Design department at Pratt Institute for the past 6 years, she oversees and develops curricula for Advertising, Graphic Design and Illustration students. An associate professor in the Communications Design Department she has taught for 19 years. Her subjects include Photography for Advertising, Non-Traditional Images, Professional Practices, including extensive research on Copyright law. Prior to being appointed Chair of the department in July of 2005, she was the Associate Director of the Career Services office at Pratt and also co-published, art-directed and design promotion for RSVP, the Directory of Illustration and Design. A lifelong resident of Brooklyn, she is at work on a book of her photographs.

Kathleen teaches Graphic Design/Advertising Senior Project and Visualizing the Idea.

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