Margaret Hurst

Margaret Hurst

Adjunct Professor

Margaret Hurst is a professor at Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design and has conducted an illustration reportage workshop at the University of Alaska. She is a member and VP of studio1482. Margaret, a native Virgin Islander, is a graduate of Boston University and Parsons School of Design. Margaret is also the cofounder of live2lime. She is a correspondent on the blog, Urban Sketchers, and is a member of studio1482's blog,

Margaret is the author/illustrator of "Grannie and the Jumbie," an award winning book. Ms. Hurst is featured in an article in the Teaching Artist Journal with Eric Carle, Faith Ringgold and David Myers. Her artwork has been featured in New York Living magazine and Latitudes magazine. Her work is sited in the book, "Early Childhood Education Today" by George S. Morrison, discussing multicultural literature for children.

Ms. Hurst's clients include AT&T, Neurex, Anthology/Preface, Roche, DuPont, E&J Gallo, Knorr, DDB Canada, MasterCard, Stuart Tabori and Chang, Harper Collins (Laura Geringer Books), St. Martin's Press, MedicusNY, and Thomas Nelson Publishing.

Exhibitions: The Society of Illustrators, the Rx Club, AT&T headquarters, Neurex headquarters, Messiah College, Montserrat College of Art Galleries, Shafler Gallery, Tres Gallery and the Puck Gallery and private collections.

Margaret teaches Illustration I, Illustration II, Illustration: Children's Books I and Illustration: Children's Books II.

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Margaret HurstMargaret HurstMargaret HurstMargaret Hurst


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