Marjorie Oetting

Marjorie Oetting

Visiting Instructor

Marjorie Oetting is a copywriter. Which basically means she's very talented at writing very short sentences. Prior to her advertising career, she grew up just outside of Boulder, Colorado, where she wasn't as interested in the breath-taking mountain views or world class skiing, as she was by writing and watching TV. She attended the University of Colorado and graduated in '96 with a B.S. in Journalism, then moved to New York to continue her studies at The School of Visual Arts.

From there, Marjorie became a copywriter. She worked day and night on every brand she could get her hands on. Brands that included, BudLight, Diet Pepsi, Dixie, McDonald's, the New York Lottery, Spike TV, Subaru and too many more to mention.

Now a freelance Associate Creative Director, Marjorie has worked for many notable and well-respected creative agencies including DDB, Arnold, The Concept Farm and The Martin Agency. She's run multi-million dollar brands like Hershey's Kisses, Payday and Nicorette Gum and created memorable, award winning campaigns for Payday and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups along the way. She's even helped some agencies win a few new business pitches here and there.

Marjorie teaches Intro to Advertising.

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Marjorie OettingMarjorie OettingMarjorie OettingMarjorie Oetting


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