Michael Gerbino

Michael Gerbino

Adjunct Professor CCE

Michael studied graphic design and photography at Pratt Institute. Prior to forming Archigrafika, he owned the interdisciplinary design firm MGNYC and worked for Graphis as the Director of Publications.

Michael's images and designs are known for their clarity and stark simplicity and are typically influenced by Modernism and Pop Art, but with hard graphic edge. As the Creative Director of Archigrafika he and his team are responsible for projects that include the branding and signage of the Willis Tower and the architectural graphics program for Trinity Church Wall Street and Myrtle Hall at Pratt Institute.

Throughout his career, Michael has coupled his professional activity with teaching and has taught at Pratt, his Alma Mater, since 1985. As a result he is able to present a unique blend of theory and practice to all prospective clients and students.

Michael teaches Graphic Design I, Graphic Design II and Graphic Design Senior Project.

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