Veronica Lawlor

Veronica Lawlor

Adjunct Professor

Native New Yorker Veronica (Ronnie) Lawlor is an illustrator whose travel and reportage drawings have led her to complete assignments for a diverse group of editorial, publishing and corporate clients, including the 3M Corporation, for whom she completed a reportage mural of New York City. Her fashion illustration includes advertising for Lord & Taylor and editorial work. Professional experience: freelance illustrator with Studio 1482; assistant editor, Marvel Comics; art director, DC Comics. Honors and exhibits:  Society of Illustrators; Art of Digital Show; American Illustration; the Rx Club; United Nations; 9/11 reportage in Newseum permanent collection. Books: I Was Dreaming to Come to America, Memories of the Ellis Island Oral History Project, (Viking Press), One Drawing A Day: A Six-Week Course Exploring Creativity with Illustration and Mixed Media (Quarry Books, October 2011 release.) Articles: Step-by-Step, Communication Arts, World Association of Newspapers

Ronnie believes in drawing as the primary tool of the graphic communicator.

Veronica Lawlor is a correspondent on the Urban Sketchers international blog

Veronica teaches Drawing on Location, Illustration III, Illustration IV and Illustration Senior Project.

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Veronica LawlorVeronica LawlorVeronica LawlorVeronica Lawlor


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