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The Communications Design major at Pratt is the only program in the country that recognizes and embodies the convergence and integration of IllustrationAdvertising Art Direction and Graphic Design as the primary forces for the visual expression of ideas. Words, images, strategies, motion and sound—whether on a page, wall, television, laptop or phone—are the tools you need to communicate a message across all platforms. In ComD we teach our students how to craft the strongest and most impactful communications possible by being creative problem solvers and elegant image-makers.

The Communications Design department not only offers a well rounded program but the tools and technology to help students succeed in creating a professional portfolio. On the same floor as our classrooms we have a computer and printing lab for the students to utilize. We provide color and large format printing as well as several machines to create professional products.

For information about applying, contact admissions.

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Comd Office Hours:   Imaging Lab Hours:  
Monday though Friday 9am-5pm Monday through Thursday 9am-11pm
Friday 9am-6pm
    Saturday 10am-6pm
    Sunday 11am-11pm



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